Our Mission

This website is for everybody that enjoys photography, and especially for professionals, aspiring professionals and anybody who would like an insight into the mind of the successful professional photographer.

My philosophy is that the most important difference between professional and amateur photographers lies in the way a professional thinks about and approaches his or her livelihood. My mission is to learn as much as I can about the art and business of photography and to share this knowledge with my readers.


 An Interview with TPOTY Founder & Photographer Chris CoeEver wondered about the story behind the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year Competition? Founder Chris Coe tells the story and gives his tips for success.

 Cat Vinton – An Interview With A Photographic NomadCat Vinton won the 2007 Travel Photographer of the Year Competition with her amazing photos of the nomadic tribes the Sami and the Mongols. She also wants to take a photo of the Dalai Lama wearing red shoes.

 From Animals to Fashion – An Interview with Photographer Nicky JennerNicky Jenner, the 2005 winner of the ‘Natural World’ category in the Travel Photographer of the Year competition, is not only an accomplished wildlife photographer but has since branched out into fashion photography.

 An Interview with Landscape Photographer Mark SunderlandEnglish Landscape Photographer Mark Sunderland chats about his journeys to the American west and Patagonia, selling his prints, and why he’d like to go to Iceland in this fascinating and informative interview.

 An Interview with Inspirational Travel Photographer Peter AdamsInspirational photographer Peter Adams chats about his working life as a Travel Photographer, the second of a series of interviews with photographers that have either won or placed highly in the Travel Photographer of the Year photography competition.

Photographer Spotlight

 Fine Art Photographer Spotlight: Joseph Szymanski
Detroit born Joseph Szymanski moved to San Francisco to study photography. After graduating he picked up his old Leica film cameras and some Kodak Tri-X 400 and returned to the darkroom to create more artistic photographs.


 Photoshop CS Tutorial: How to Split Tone a Photo in 30 Seconds or Less
Photoshop CS does away with messy darkroom chemicals and lets you split tone black & white prints with just a few clicks of the mouse. I show you how to Split Tone a photo in 30 seconds or less.


 Six Winning Tips for the Travel Photographer of the Year Competition
The Travel Photographer of the Year is a high profile photography competition offering some amazing prizes. Check out some of the previous winners and read my six tips for success.


 Understanding The Dragon – China In Photos
The world’s attention is now firmly focussed on this vast, mysterious and incredibly photogenic country. I found 10 websites (and two books) with photos from this enigmatic country. Prepare to be amazed.


 Four Extraordinary South American Travel Photographers
I love travel photography and sometimes I see someone’s work that just amazes and humbles me. Here’s a selection of work from South American photographers that have recently caught my eye:


 Book Review: The White Rock – An Exploration of the Inca Heartland By Hugh Thomson
Hugh Thomson puts together a fascinating history of the Incas and the Spanish Conquest, starting from the initial expansion of the Inca empire as they conquered neighbouring tribes, to the arrival of the Spanish, the murder of Atahualpa and the final battles, forty years on, in and around Old Vilcabamba, the final hiding place deep in the jungle of the last Inca rulers.

Travel Journal

 A Pint Of Guiness & Domino Tipping In Iruya
How to spend twenty million dollars making an ad in a remote village in Argentina. Guiness did just that. The video and location are spectacular.


 An Englishman In Varanasi
It’s pitch black as I tiptoe out of the hotel and I need a torch to help me pick my way through the maze of cow pats that dot the narrow alleyways or galis towards the river.