Myths about sexually transmitted infections that you could believe all your life

STIs are sexually transmitted infections. Picking up STIs is quite unpleasant, but the fear of getting infected should not constantly prevent you from having sex. This can be done safely and with pleasure.

For the first time, some myths about sexually transmitted infections have been shattered so that you can have sex safely and with pleasure.

Common fakes about STIs

It is impossible to be infected from the constant partner – the most terrible and widespread fake. There are many sexually transmitted infections that may not appear for years, but can be transmitted to sexual partners (for example, HIV or human papillomavirus). And even if you are each other’s first sexual partners, it is worth remembering that sex is not the only way to get infected. The only way to make sure there is no STI is to check.

STIs can only get sick once. There are infections that are present throughout life – HIV, herpes, papillomavirus. However, many others (for example, gonorrhea or syphilis) can be re-infected. In addition, there are about 100 species of human papilloma virus. Therefore, if you do not use condoms, you can accumulate a whole bunch of papillomaviruses for the rest of your life.

Infection can be avoided if “pulled out” in time. Most diseases are transmitted through contact with mucous membranes or tissues around the genitals. But syphilis, herpes, HPV, pubic lice and contagious mollusks are transmitted through contact with infected body surfaces.

STIs are transmitted exclusively through genital contact. This is not true, because, for example, syphilis is transmitted through kissing or even through holding hands (if an infected person has ulcers). And they often appear on the mucous membranes.

All STIs have noticeable symptoms. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. For example, chlamydia or papillomavirus often have no external manifestations, but the consequences of these diseases can be very serious. Therefore, the only way to find out if you have an STI is to check. And to be convinced of an excellent state of health of the partner it is possible only having asked the certificate.

It is impossible to catch STIs through oral or anal sex. It is important to understand that almost all STIs that are known to a person are transmitted due to oral sex. Also, some studies show that sometimes anal transmission of coronavirus is even more dangerous than vaginal transmission. But it’s not scary, because you can have fun safely, using condoms and latex wipes.