Four Inspirational Photo Blogs

Black and white photography from Montana, an editorial photographer from London’s insider view on the photography industry, a traveller and adventurer who loves mountains and culture, and a HDR specialist. Check out these slightly amazing and very cool photo blogs.

Cody Redmon PhotoBlog

Cody Redmon is a pro photographer from Montana specialising in landscape photography. He works mainly in black and white and his love and affinity of the wild landscapes of his home state is evident  from the photos on his blog. This is an impressive portfolio of photography from a beautiful part of the world. Incidentally, I love the design of his blog too. It’s clean, professional and pleasing to the eye.

This photo, Snaking Through, is by Cody Redmon © Copyright


Tom Miles, an editorial photographer based in London, blogs about life as a pro photographer. The interesting thing is that his purpose is not only to talk about his work but to educate would-be photographers about the business side and other aspects of the profession. This is the kind of information that’s hard to find in books, rarely taught at college, and usually picked up either working as an assistant or on the job. There’s a wealth of fascinating information and it’s a must read for any aspiring photographer.

Exposed Planet

Harry Kikstra’s photo blog.  Travel photos and anecdotes from such remote places as Peru, Tibet and Nepal. Harry Kikstra is a mountaineer, adventurer, photographer and writer; and his photos reflect his travels to far away, mountainous places. A fascinating insight into the people and cultures he’s encountered along the way.

Stuck in Customs

Photographer Trey Ratcliff has built up an impressive collection of HDR photos, and his photo blog comes complete with a very useful tutorial for newcomers to this process. This is a great display not only of HDR photography, but travel photography too. Trey travels a lot and there are photos from Shanghai, New York and Iceland, just to name a few.

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