My First Photo Essay At Everywhere Mag

Everywhere Mag is the latest creation from the publishes of JPG Mag. The basic idea is the same, the site’s registered users can upload photos and articles, other users vote for them and the best make it into the printed edition. But READ MORE

Fine Art Photo Blog Launches

A New Website Providing Unique Services to the Art-Interested Public, Being a Cross Between Gallery, Photoblog and Search Engine SAN DIEGO, CA February 11, 2008 – Fine Art Photoblog announces the launch of a unique new website, offering the discerning READ MORE

Five Excellent Educational Photo Blogs

Back when I first became interested in photography, the internet was barely more than a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye and my main sources of information for learning about photography were magazines and books. Nothing wrong with that, but in READ MORE

Understanding The Dragon – China In Photos

Understanding The Dragon – China In Photos I recently read two books that made me realise that I know next to nothing about China or it’s history. Considering the country’s importance and influence in today’s world it ocurred to me READ MORE